Now you can create Bookmarks in Ocularis Web, the same way as in Ocularis Client.

Allows the administrator to know what data was accessed, exported or removed, when and by whom.

Smart Camera Drivers are the next evolution in camera drivers, which enable the communication between cameras and recording servers. They offer significant advantages over standard, static camera drivers, and they provide full support for all advanced camera features.

Combine different camera license types under the same system for optimal flexibility and cost savings.

Ocularis Web brings the experience of Ocularis video surveillance to standard web browsers. It allows users to perform live monitoring and video playback from outside the Local Area Network.

Increase the availability of information, actions and handling methods upon receiving an alert.

Ocularis 5 Mobile, Qognify’s new video client for mobile devices, brings the experience of desktop video surveillance to mobile video clients over limited bandwidth networks such as 3G, 4G and broadband.

Ocularis Client provides multiple tools for accessing and investigating video of an incident, including Kinetic Timeline.

Ocularis v5.2 enables streamlined configuration of On-Motion Recording, for quicker access to recorded incidents without the need to browse through stretches of irrelevant video.

Qognify’s Ocularis provides a comprehensive tool-set that enables your organization’s entire security team to collaborate…