Private Views are Views that can be accessed only by a single operator within a user group. They can be created by the operator from within Ocularis Client, or by the group or system administrator.

In this video we’ll review the process of installing a recorder in Ocularis 5.0, and the pre-installation checklist.

With this Ocularis/C2P integration, instantly monitor the movement of persons or automobiles of interest. This tracker functionality displays pop-up alerts with time synchronization, shows building layouts, and provides associated camera views.

In this video we review the standard setup type for all three Ocularis v5 recorders, as well as explain the method of setting video recording locations (“zones”).

With the Ocularis/C2P ShotSpotter integration, instantaneously receive the date, time and location of gun shots fired, along with corresponding live video streams.

The Custom option for Ocularis v5 recorders allows you to install only select components, including components that are not installed using the other three installation types.

With this Ocularis/C2P integration for License Plate Recognition (LPR), users can track vehicles as they move between cameras with push-video alerts.

Ocularis 5 offers a simplified product line, added operational features, installed security improvements, and streamlined setup and configuration.

This video presents the integration between Agent Vi’s Video Content Analytics System and Qognify’s Ocularis VMS. Topics covered include: configuration of the Agent Vi savVi administration interface, the savVi-to-Ocularis proxy and Ocularis Admin, and a demonstration of how Agent Vi alerts are displayed and handled in Ocularis Client.

Ensures that you never lose sight by switching to a failover camera in as little as two seconds if the connection to the primary camera is compromised.