Online Classroom Information

  • Students are provided with a network of 32 cameras during the hands-on installation.


  • Two monitors are highly encouraged.
  • To view the instructor monitor and follow step-by-step, installing VisionHub and configuring cameras, two monitors provide the best experience.
  • If you do not have two monitors, log into the event session with two “computers.” For example, a laptop and a tablet, use one for viewing and another for hands-on.

Start Time:

  • Please login to the session 15 minutes early

Upon completion, students will:

  • be familiar with the VisionHub system architecture
  • be aware of the needed preparation steps
  • be able to install VisionHub, including all required components (e.g., SQL server, server, client suite, etc.)
  • be able to set up and configure all VisionHub entities: recorders, decoders, encoders, sensors, cameras, etc.
  • know how to activate VisionHub
  • be capable of managing VisionHub’s administration aspects, e.g., user management, sensor management, etc.
  • be familiar with the VisionHub Control user interface


    • Please choose the date when you want to participate, register and we will provide you with a quote.
    • Your registration becomes only binding after we received payment or you received an order confirmation from us.