Now you can create Bookmarks in Ocularis Web, the same way as in Ocularis Client.

Ocularis 5.6 adds various features to Ocularis Client including batch operations in the device finder, automatic creation of new camera streams for newly-configured cameras and many others.

Private Views are Views that can be accessed only by a single operator within a user group. They can be created by the operator from within Ocularis Client, or by the group or system administrator.

Ocularis Client provides multiple tools for accessing and investigating video of an incident, including Kinetic Timeline.

Use on-the-fly Views when you need to mix and match cameras from separate Views or when you need a temporary subset of the cameras in the existing View.

Qognify’s Ocularis provides a comprehensive tool-set that enables your organization’s entire security team to collaborate…

Ensures that you never lose sight by switching to a failover camera in as little as two seconds if the connection to the primary camera is compromised.

Ocularis provides the capabilities to manage and control local unified video client for all versions of Ocularis.

In this video we’ll review the process of installing a recorder in Ocularis 5.0, and the pre-installation checklist.

Now it’s possible to play only segments of alert-based recorded video in Ocularis Client, while skipping over periods of continually-recorded video or periods where no video was recorded.