Pearl River, NY (January 15, 2019) – OnSSI has signed on Devine180 as their latest manufacturer’s rep firm handling the company’s flagship Ocularis 5 Video Management Software and RecOn5 Series Pre-loaded NVRs and Servers. A premier manufacturer’s rep firm for advanced video and security solutions in the Midwest, Devine180, will provide marketing and support services to OnSSI in the East Wisconsin, North Illinois, and Northwest Indiana for OnSSI.
“We are extremely pleased to welcome Devine180 to our network of highly experienced marketing and sales partners across the U.S.,” said Ken LaMarca, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “Devine180 has the ideal combination of marketing, sales and technical experience to best support Ocularis and our RecOn5 surveillance solutions in the upper Midwest region.”
“OnSSI continues to develop and introduce new video control, management and recording technologies, providing users with higher levels of integration, performance and overall security,” said Chad Szekeres, President of Devine180. “Devine180’s experienced team of integration specialists are excited to add OnSSI’s Ocularis and RecOn5 solutions to our portfolio of industry leading solutions.”
OnSSI’s Ocularis IP security and surveillance VMS platform increases security, reduces operational costs, and helps organizations move closer to prevention. The latest release, Ocularis v5.6, continues to lead the industry in innovation, versatility and functionality with enhanced system security, operator functionality, and overall system resilience to provide outstanding performance and a best-in-breed user experience.
Pearl River, NY (February 20, 2019) – OnSSI announces the launch of Ocularis 5.7, the latest release of the company’s industry leading Video Management System (VMS) solution. Key featured enhancements of Ocularis 5.7 include a new Recorded Video Backup function that allows recorded video to be saved to a secondary location on the system at no extra cost. Additionally, a new Mirrored Recordings feature, available in Ocularis 5.7 Ultimate, allows the simultaneous recording of all cameras on two recording servers, ensuring that recorded video is never lost from failure of the primary recording server. Ocularis 5.7 includes numerous enhancements to improve user access and scheduling, along with more robust cyber security protection.
“In addition to the superior VMS performance provided by Ocularis, this latest version delivers new data protection capabilities to ensure that critical video and information is always accessible,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “Additional enhancements in Oculars 5.7 provide users with greater speed of operations and convenience, further elevating their user experience and surveillance capabilities.”
The new Recorded Video Backup and Mirrored Recordings features are just two of the enhancements offered in Ocularis 5.7. New updates to Ocularis allow system administrators to better control when users can access the system, including the ability to schedule when users can log in, as well as restricting user access during off hours. Ocularis 5.7 also employs enhanced TLS 1.2 encryption for stronger system security against cyber-attacks.
Additional new features in Ocularis Client include: a new Export Alarm Recordings Only function for faster video export; a smooth video streaming option to improve performance when connecting to remote sites with an inconsistent network connection; faster log in times on large systems; added Smart Camera Drivers for Vanderbilt, Eclipse, Uniview and Sony Generation X imaging solutions; and two-way audio support expanded to include Bosch cameras.
Pearl River, NY (March 7, 2019) – OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.6 Video Management System (VMS) now integrates with Johnson Controls Software House C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management System, resulting in a single intuitive interface for enterprise level security applications. The incorporation of Ocularis’ functionality within the C•CURE 9000 interface allows full interaction with Ocularis video, turning the physical security interface into a full-featured video client.
“Ocularis delivers a powerful, highly intuitive VMS platform for integrated security systems built on the Software House C•CURE 9000 platform,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “We value our partnership with Software House, and we will continue to develop new and innovative ways we can provide users with new capabilities that further enhance their overall security operations.”
The integration of Ocularis and C•CURE 9000 allows users to instantly launch video associated with access control events, investigate and verify activity at access points, and receive notification of events from the video system. Other benefits include the cost-saving advantages of managing one integrated system versus several independent systems; the ability to monitor groups of up to 16 cameras connected to different recording servers at multiple sites; and the ability to manually or automatically display up to four live video windows associated with events.
“Working with OnSSI continues to be a positive experience that enhances our ability to deliver holistic solutions for a wide range of applications,” said Rick Focke, Director of Product Management, Enterprise Access Control, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls. “The reliability and ease of integration between these two powerful open platform solutions makes it easier to implement feature-rich, integrated network solutions.”
This integration delivers advanced access control capabilities while empowering customers to utilize IT-standard tools and distributed architecture. The flexibility of this system grants security professionals the freedom to deploy a unique security solution for their entire business.
OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.6 VMS enhances overall performance and operator functionality, delivers cybersecurity enhancement through heightened system security with fortified dual authentication measures, and provides enhanced mobile and web access capabilities. These latest improvements combine to further empower users with a best-in-class VMS solution and experience powered by OnSSI Ocularis’ high performance engine.
Pearl River, NY (April 10, 2019) – Qognify – the trusted advisor and provider of physical security and enterprise incident management solutions, is exhibiting at ISC West and demonstrating to more than 1,000 organizations around the world, how Qognify solutions are safeguarding people, infrastructure and business operations. At booth 13074, Qognify’s team of subject matter experts will advise security practitioners on how they can maximize the outcomes of their security strategies.
Attendees at the ISC West International Security Expo, being held at the Sands Expo Center will benefit from insights they can apply to maximize their organization’s security strategy, whether in education, critical facilities, finance, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail or transportation sectors. Qognify’s field-tested solutions have demonstrated maximum value to customers who place a premium on physical security.
Qognify applies a consultative approach to building solutions for customers, as opposed to recommending off-the-shelf products. The company works with customers to understand their organizations’ strategic goals, along with any specific needs based on industry or legislative requirements. Assessing each scenario individually in this collaborative process, has resulted in system solutions that have quantifiably increased the security and operational efficiencies in enterprises.
Qognify CEO and President, Steve Shine states: “Customers with complex physical security requirements, or systems that are dictated by strict regulations, or even those with specific needs based on their particular industry have realized optimized outcomes with Qognify solutions.” Shine adds: “Our software solutions reach beyond traditional safety and security applications and deliver far reaching and quantifiable value to the customer across many industries and use cases – even in unexpected areas that may surprise.”
Qognify invites visitors of ISC West to visit booth 13074 to learn about how Qognify provides added value and unique physical security and incident management solutions to customers.
Pearl River, NY (July 11, 2019) – Qognify – the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – today announced that it will share its expertise of how metropolitan areas can make the shift from being safe and smart to fully cognitive cities, at the 5th National Summit on 100 Smart Cities India 2019. Qognify is the Presenting Partner of the Summit which takes place August 22, 2019 at The LaLiT in New Dehli.
Qognify, with its Safe & Smart City Solution, is one of the leaders in safe and smart cities in India. It is currently involved in more than 20 safe and smart city projects throughout the country that include high profile award-winning projects such as:
• Navi Mumbai – Qognify is used to monitor all critical points within the city including public transportation, schools, heavily traveled traffic junctions, city entrances and exits, open-air markets and utility infrastructure.
• Nanded City has an integrated command, control and communication center (C-Cube) that is powered by Qognify’s Safe City solution that includes Qognify’s Situatorvideo management and analytics solutions.
• Kohlapur is using Qognify’s video management and analytics to assist law enforcement and city management in coping with the influx of increased tourism.
Regional VP, India at Qognify, Dilip Verma, will present at the Summit and he comments: “Many cities have taken steps to become safe cities, whilst a smaller but growing number are breaking ground as truly smart cities. At the Summit we will use our experience, working on some of the most innovative projects in India and around the world, to look to the horizon, where we envisage urban environments becoming truly cognitive.”
Verma makes the distinction between safe, smart and cognitive cities: “A safe city aims to ensure the safety and security of its residents, whilst smart initiatives go further, improving the operations of city. Cognitive cities take things to the next level by keeping citizens engaged and contributing to the gathering of the relevant data. The insights from which can be used not only to improve security, safety and city operations, but also the lives of residents.” He adds: “Cognitive cities are much better positioned to thrive in the face of significant challenges such as clean water scarcity, climate change, and providing functional and efficient mass transportation at mega-city scales. It is an ambitious goal that not only holds the promise of being more resilient, but at the same time promotes civic participation, sense of community and the health and wellbeing of citizens.”
The 5th National Summit on 100 Smart Cities India 2019 will bring together global thought leaders to focus on aspects of a smart city including urban development, surveillance, power, energy, transport, technology, smart building, smart grid, smart health, network and communication technology. For more information about the summit and to register visit:

Pearl River, NY (October 24, 2019)Qognify – the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – launches version 5.8 of Ocularis, the award-winning video management system (VMS) for enterprise and corporate projects with an emphasis on tactical real-time operations and live visualization.
In version 5.8, Ocularis has put the user front and center. One of the numerous improvements is the inclusion of an Ocularis Client MSI Installer, which enables customers to easily push out Ocularis Client updates using the System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM) from Microsoft, thus greatly reducing time required for software deployments, updates and hot fixes across the enterprise.
Ocularis 5.8 allows customers to create a comprehensive security environment made up of multiple security-relevant systems and applications communicating with each other. Using a flexible, driver-based approach, the new Event Interface (SEI) breaks new ground to connect third-party security products to Ocularis, addressing the needs of customers who place a premium on their physical security strategy. All events from third-party applications such as access control and intruder alarm systems can now be received and visualized within Ocularis. This provides security personnel with real-time, integrated event information and response capabilities, thus significantly reducing the reaction time during critical incidents.
Ari Robinson, Product Owner for Ocularis at Qognify, explains further benefits of the interface: “Technology and solution partners are now able to easily develop plugins to connect Ocularis with their product portfolios, as the SEI is a well-documented and open interface. Especially for corporate and enterprise customers this facilitates a hassle-free implementation of integrated security systems. Setting up an integrated security solution with the SEI immediately provides an added value and also underlines the solution-based approach of Qognify.”
Another essential move into this direction is the introduction of the open Analytics Interface (SAI), that allows for the integration of any edge or server-based video analytics or license plate recognition solution on the market, also using a plugin-based approach. Chen Porat, VP R&D at Qognify, explains the strategic importance of these initiatives: “The introduction of the two new interfaces in Ocularis 5.8 is one of the first outcomes of the cross-product initiatives within Qognify, rolling out standard interfaces across the product portfolio and thus delivering tangible added value to as many Qognify customers as possible.”
Ocularis 5.8 now supports more than 5,000 different devices from over 80 different hardware manufacturers. New camera functions including better support for cameras with integrated edge storage functionality, have also been introduced into the software, giving customers even more choice when selecting the right hardware for their individual video security application.
Ocularis 5.8 is now available from Qognify. Current customers with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) can download and install the update.

Pearl River, NY (June 05, 2019) – Qognify – the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – has announced the appointment of Jeremy Howard as Vice President of Physical Security Sales for the Americas.
Jeremy has more than 20 years’ experience working with security hardware and software infrastructure, in use by Qognify customers throughout the Americas. He will be working with the team to grow Qognify’s partner and key account channels, using his proven ability to deliver highly customized solutions that meet the security requirements of large enterprises. This expertise is coupled with keen insight regarding how video management systems (VMS) can optimize security strategies and deliver operational improvements, making him ideally suited to drive the market strategy for Qognify’s multi award-winning VMS – VisionHub, Ocularis, Cayuga, NiceVision and FAST.
Jeremy joins Qognify from Hikvision USA, where he was Vice President of Business Development. During his career in physical security, he has also held senior management positions at Verint and Avigilon. Jeremy comments on his appointment: “Qognify is the technology company to watch in the security sector right now. Its premium product portfolio uniquely positions Qognify to meet the specific needs of mid-market and enterprise organizations – whether they have complex system specifications, distinct vertical requirements, or must comply with strict industry regulations.”
CEO of Qognify, Steve Shine, comments: “Jeremy has a deserved reputation in the security sector and he joins Qognify at an exciting time. We have the breadth of solutions to meet the demands of organizations in all sectors. What’s more, the immense value Qognify can bring goes far beyond systems, as we work closely with customers and partners to help organizations optimize business operations and maximize their entire security strategy.”
Media Contact
Graham Thatcher
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Qognify Corporate Contact
Brandi Gil

Pearl River, New York – June 06, 2019 – Qognify – the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management solutions – has launched Umbrella. The new web-based management platform leverages significant cost savings by managing large distributed video surveillance systems centrally in the cloud.
In recent years, video surveillance projects have become larger and more complex, demanding more resources and increasing operational costs. Altering the configuration of multiple sites is time-consuming and monitoring the health status of all servers and cameras across every location is a challenge. As a consequence, organizations frequently over-spend on technical expertise and unnecessary licenses, as well as potentially exposing themselves to regulatory risk.
Qognify solves these challenges with the launch of Umbrella – a management solution, which is fully integrated with Qognify’s video management software (VMS) Cayuga. The web-based Umbrella can be hosted in the cloud (including Microsoft Azure and AWS) as well as on premise. Once installed, Umbrella provides a consolidated view of all servers and cameras across every connected installation, highlighting those, which require attention. Furthermore, if any company-wide changes are required to be made to how the video system operates (e.g. caused by changes in regulations such as GDPR), they can be configured and rolled-out remotely and immediately.
Umbrella is a perfectly suited for organizations in the banking, retail, logistics and transportation industry, which operate large-scale branch networks with hundreds of sites and thousands of cameras to be managed and place a premium on their physical security strategy.
Umbrella was unveiled at Qognify’s EMEA launch event in Germany on May 9 in Karlsruhe, giving key partners and end customers of Qognify the opportunity to learn more about the new combined company after the acquisition of OnSSI and SeeTec at the end of 2018. Vice President of Research & Development at Qognify, Chen Porat, comments on value the new technology delivers: “Centralizing system monitoring, administration and license management through Umbrella, enables organizations to be more proactive and effective in the way they operate and maintain their surveillance camera networks, regardless of scale or complexity.”
Steve Shine, CEO of Qognify, adds: “Qognify is one of the leading solution providers for video surveillance and Umbrella is born out of our commitment to delivery truly enterprise-class video solutions. Launching Umbrella, we want to fundamentally change the way organizations deploy, use and manage technology to protect people, customers, assets and infrastructure.”
Umbrella is now available to organizations using Qognify’s Cayuga video management system.
Media Contact
Graham Thatcher
Tel: +44(0)7933- 673-240
Qognify Corporate Contact
Andreas Conrad

Pearl River, NY (April 9, 2019) – Qognify – the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – reveals the advances that have been made since the acquisition of On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) and SeeTec GmbH in January. The company is delivering its expanded product portfolio, complemented by enhanced service and support for its expanded global customer-base and network of channel, technology and camera partners.
The new unified company will demonstrate how it is ‘Safeguarding Your World’ on Booth 13074 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 10-12, 2019.
Qognify is one of the largest VMS, PSIM and video analytics providers for mid-market and enterprise organizations and CEO, Steve Shine states: “Our customers place a premium on their physical security strategy, either because of the complexity of their needs, or the specifics of the industries in which they operate. Therefore, our focus is to deliver the solutions they need to achieve their required outcomes.”
From its main research and development centers in Germany, Israel and the U.S. (as well as with additional offshore resources), Qognify is dedicated to supporting and developing its premium portfolio of market-leading and award-winning technologies, including VMS platforms – VisionHub, Ocularis, Cayuga, NiceVision and FAST, and enterprise incident management platform – Situator.
Shine adds: “Qognify, OnSSI and SeeTec have always shared a similar solutions philosophy. Thus, it was a logical step to combine these companies in order to accelerate global growth and to extend the portfolio of products and technologies available to customers, resulting in faster access to new markets and vertical industries.”
Customers are already benefiting from an expanded professional services offering, customization capabilities and worldwide support. Furthermore, the ability to share developments across three of the market’s leading VMS solutions such as camera integrations, gateways, analytics and mobile applications, is creating some very exciting opportunities for organizations.
In addition to its headquarters in Pearl River, New York, Qognify has regional offices positioned throughout Europe and Asia, ensuring it is geographically close to all its customers and partners.